Using Video In Recruitment

Video is everywhere nowadays, but why is it not seen in the recruitment industry? Part of the reason might be the old traditions followed by companies/recruiters in the hiring process. Another one might be the myth that it is more expensive to do so, but in reality it is not.

Using videos can help you reach more candidates, attract their attention, present your employer brand in positive way, increase your application rate and enhance the candidate experience.

Lets look at some the benefits to using video in recruitment:

1. Videos are perfect for promoting your employer brand and presenting your company in a positive tone. You can use videos to introduce the company, highlight the company values and present the (EVP) employee value proposition. You can also showcase your company culture and your workplace and give potential candidates a glimpse into an everyday life at the office. Instead of writing that you are a great employer, you can show them instead.

2. Videos are most commonly used in the attraction stage of the candidates’ journey. A video is a powerful medium which can be used to present your employer brand and company culture and sell your (EVP) employee value proposition to your potential job candidates. Indeed, video recruiting emails are a great way to win the best job candidates. Using videos can ensure a timely and personalized communication process throughout the hiring process, which can significantly improve the candidate experience.

3. A video is a great tool to ensure a better cultural fit of the job applicants. Videos can showcase what a normal day at your office is like, which gives them better assessment of themselves working there. This makes the decision making process of candidates much faster as they can decide if this is the place they want to work in.

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