Recruitment Trends JoinEight Is Disrupting

Recruitment Trends JoinEight Is Disrupting

The recruitment and hiring industry is changing, those that cling on to old practices are bound to have mixed results. There are now certain trends in the industry that must be utilized to get the best outcomes. With the whole landscape changing, here are some of the recent trends in recruitment

1. Recruitment Automation Tools are now in need more than ever. With a potentially vast talent pool you can choose from, having the process handled via software is a must. When trying to screen candidates, letting a ATS (Applicant Tracking System) organise and handle discrepancies instead of humans can yield more accurate results. So your HR team can focus on the important things instead of staring at a computer screen all day.

2. Social Media / Social Recruiting has become one of the forefronts of modern recruiting, with more candidates now looking for jobs online. Having your job postings on popular websites like LinkedIn, Facebook, Glassdoor, Angelist and Twitter can help in getting you to more versatile talent. The majority of recruiters are now planning to use social recruiting than anything else.

3. Building Talent Pool is now extremely important as you can keep track of the most highly qualified candidates for future contact. When you have a new job opening, you can select people from your talent pool in addition to the general public. Building and maintaining a database of these candidates can be very useful if you are a high growth company.

4. Improving Candidate Experience is arguably the most important factor in modern recruitment. As the whole process is now candidate-driven than employer, making a good impression of yourselves as an employer is paramount to attracting and keeping a good pipeline of candidates. The candidate’s overall perception of your business is determined by your recruitment process, company culture and work ethics. In the end, it’s the candidate that decides whether they want to work here or not.

5. Data and Analytic centered approach to recruitment is another trend that allows companies to know exactly what parameters of their hiring strategy is working and which ones aren’t. Using this data to enhance, improve and restructure the process will lead to much more effective hires.

We at JoinEight have built and pioneered an innovative new solution to how companies can reinvent themselves as a brand, we are bringing back the human connection to the recruitment process. Get to know your candidate first before you hire, and get the best culture fit. Build your employer brand and host productive events. Utilize data and analytics to get the most efficient and accurate output with our Engagement Tracking Software (ETS) and Candidate Tracking System (CTS).

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