5 Challenges Companies Face While Hiring Right Candidates

5 Challenges Companies Face While Hiring Right Candidates: JoinEight.com

In this candidate driven world, getting your company up to speed with how the recruitment process has changed, is extremely important. With that, there are still some hurdles companies’ face when trying to hire that “perfect” candidate. Let’s take a look at some of them:

1.Engaging qualified candidates
Good candidates are often contacted regularly by recruiters, making it harder for your own email to stand out. In addition, candidates with hard-to-find skills are often considering several job offers at the same time. Companies struggle to put extra effort into persuading these passive candidates to choose their company over the competitors. There’s nothing more frustrating than publicizing a job opening and getting dozens of unqualified applicants who waste time.

2.Creating a good candidate experience
Company Brand is all about reputation. A style, a logo, or a company image doesn’t mean anything without a reputation that inspires trust. You can start to build trust in your brand during the recruitment process, by giving each applicant a good experience of engaging with you. Understanding how to execute this properly is one of the biggest challenges for employers. Creating a bad mojo of your companies will have varying levels of how successful your future hiring campaigns

3.Cost Saving
Many companies look at agency costs as the area in which to make savings, but a good candidate that excels in their job can repay that cost several times over. Having the right tools, systems and process is critical. You also need to tweak your generic approach for each individual campaign that you run. ATS based systems are not cheap, intuitive and easy to maintain. The resulting spending over time can build up quite a lot. Replacing an employee can set your company back as much as 2x their annual salary. Not only do high-performers cost more to replace, new research by SAP and Oxford Economics shows that less than half of them are satisfied with their jobs, and 1 in 5 say they’re likely to leave in the next six months.

4.Cultural Fit
Culture fit is the glue that holds an organization together. That’s why it’s a key trait to look for when recruiting. The result of poor culture fit can come at a staggering cost when you make the wrong hire. Before you start measuring candidates’ culture fit, you need to be able to define and articulate the organization’s culture — its values, vision and mission and fuse this understanding into the hiring process. Having a  is one the most important factors in a startup/SME based environment. And with high performers delivering approximately 400% more in productivity than the average employee, losing even a few of your star workers can have an astronomical impact on your bottom line.

5.Utilizing Data
Companies can use recruitment data and metrics to constantly improve their recruiting process and make more informed decisions. But collecting and processing data can be a hassle. Spreadsheets are one way to track hiring data but they require manual work, are prone to human error — and they’re not compliant. This makes it hard to track data and trends accurately. Hiring teams need ways to compile and organize data in an efficient and streamlined way. Traditional ATS has some glaring issues which cannot be avoided, and only offer a half solution to recruitment.

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